Torsional Load Cells
Helix Load Cell
2000 lb & 4000lb
Any weight capacity custom
Helix Load Cell
Slot Block Load Cell
Slot Back Load Cell
Winner of the
1998 Kardux Cup
Awarded by The International Society of Weighing and Measurement for the year's most outstanding achievement in weighing technology.
Slot Block Load Cell
• Low profile platform scales
• Automobile car seats (for controlling airbag deployment based on weight)
• Tanks & Hoppers
• Original equipment manufacturers
• Packaging
• Any compact place where weight measurement is needed

The Slotblock Helix™ Load Cell utilizes properties of a wire wound spring to remove errors caused by off-axis loading or irregular mounting and resists damage caused by shock and overload .

The Slotblock Helix™ differs from traditional load cells because of its compact size and unique weighing design.


• Compact size
• Multiple mounting configurations
• Overload Protection (15X)
• Rugged design for industrial usage
• Low profile
• Side load protection (10X)

Patent #6,499,300

SPECIFICATIONS (download pdf)

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