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Helix Load Cell
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Helix Load Cell
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Winner of the
1998 Kardux Cup
Awarded by The International Society of Weighing and Measurement for the year's most outstanding achievement in weighing technology.
Helix Load Cell

• Insensitivity to off-axis loading and non-parallel mounting.
• Rugged design, tolerant to shock loading and overload up to 15X
• Does not require expensive mounting structures
• High sensitivity, high resolution
• Through-hole design for easy mounting
• Surfaces can be drilled and tapped

The Helix™ Load Cell utilizes the properties of a wire wound spring to remove errors caused by off-axis loading or irregular mounting and to resist damage caused by shock and overload.

A spring works by converting a load force to a torsional moment in its wire. Through measurement of this torsional moment the Helix™ can provide accurate load data under extremely irregular mounting conditions without the requirement of load correcting mounting structures. The Helix™ can be mounted on rough surfaces or where upper and lower surfaces are not parallel and the total error incurred will remain within 0.5%. When loaded on axis and on flat surfaces, the error incurred is less than 0.1%. Because of its spring-like design and the fact that it does not utilize strength reducing shear webs to achieve sensitivity, the Helix™ is extremely resistant to damage caused by shock or overload.

Mounting surfaces can be drilled and tapped for specific loading applications or the through hole can be threaded for mounting in tension. Additionally, the Helix™ Load Cell can be cast in virtually any shape. For example, a 10,000 pound capacity version can take the form of a cube just 1.5 inches on a side and still retain its excellent insensitivity to off- axis loading.

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